Our Value

Dependable, trust-worthy, prompt. How many companies would you describe with these words? Each and every day, we work hard to earn compliments like these from our customers. In turn, we strive to give our clients exquisite results every time. Superb cleaning, exemplary packaging, specialty hangers and a hanger buy-back program - that's right, we buy back our hangers. Cleaner, brighter clothes, pressed and packaged perfectly. That makes us both look great.

You're welcomed by highly trained, expert staff, pleased to assist you.
Your staff is excellent - friendly & efficient!
- Kevin Burke -

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The Way We Work

You’re welcomed by highly trained, expert staff, pleased to assist you, when you come through our door. We're here to advise you on the best way to clean or restore your wardrobe. We will assist you to your vehicle when picking-up your professionally cleaned and pressed garments, or we deliver to your home or office, free-of-charge. It’s the way you’d like a dry cleaner to work.


Hand Inspection &
Individual Attention


sticker.jpgOur attention to detail is the key to getting your order exceptionally clean and back to you complete. When your order is dropped off or brought in by our free pick-up service, we apply a small barcode and scan each item into our system that tracks your items every step along the cleaning process. Along the way, we have a series of hand inspections that ensure each item is clean and in better shape than when you left it.

Custom, Pure
Cleaning Solutions


cleaning_solutions.jpgA stain is not just a stain.  Different stains require different solutions - literally. The experts at Z Cleaners are specialists in stain chemistry and the agents that most effectively remove unsightly offenders without harming your item. The dry cleaning solutions we use are cleaned and distilled to purity after each and every use so your garments are returned to you odor-free, clean and bright.



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