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When you want to look and feel your best, look no further than Z Cleaners. When you entrust your garments, household or specialty items to us, we return them to you brighter, cleaner and fresher than you would have imagined possible. Stop by or schedule your Free Home Delivery and you’ll see how our attention to the little things makes a big difference at Z Cleaners.

  • Dry Cleaning

    Dry Cleaning

  • Laundry Services

    Laundry Services

    Our strict attention to detail produces clean and crisp creases on all dress shirts and finely finished table and bed linens.  When you bring your laundry to Z Cleaners, we give your shirts and linens the focused care that only we can provide.

  • Fluff & Fold

    Fluff & Fold

    When you love your towels, jeans, sheets and t-shirts, but hate to do the laundry, bring them to Z Cleaners.  You'll not only get your garments, sheets and towels back neatly folded - you'll get to spend your time doing what you'd like to do, instead of chores.

  • Household Item Cleaning

    Household Item Cleaning

    Z Cleaners makes it easy to keep items like rugs, drapes and duvets clean, bright and fresh.  Our extensive knowledge of fabric care allows us to use exactly the right method to clean your items.

  • Leather Cleaning

    Leather Cleaning

    Z Cleaners has the knowledge and experience necessary to clean and care for your fine leather garments. We take great care to return your items to you soft, supple and clean. Our repair experts can give all your handbags, jackets and other leather items a second life. We'll return it to you as good-as-new, or even better!

  • Wedding Gown and Vintage Preservation

    Wedding Gown and Vintage Preservation

    A wedding dress is probably the most important item of clothing a woman will buy.  It's not just silk, lace and beads; it's a reminder of the vows, family and excitement of her special day.  We clean, treat and preserve each dress, ensuring that when the next generation sees it, it will look as beautiful as the day it was first worn.

  • Pillows, Teddy Bears & more!

    Pillows, Teddy Bears & more!

    Decorative pillows will be cleaned and returned with every tassel intact and your cashmere teddy bear will absolutely love its sleepover and cleaning at Z Cleaners.

  • Alterations & Fine Tailoring

    Alterations & Fine Tailoring

  • Purse and Handbag Cleaning

    Purse and Handbag Cleaning

    You look better and your purse or handbag lasts longer with a thorough cleaning and a fresh new look. Z Cleaners not only rejuvenates the exterior, we carefully clean the interior lining and compartments, and lubricate zippers. Professional rejuvenation and cleaning services, done quickly and conveniently.

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